Life Care offers effective anti-aging treatment with fetal stem cells. Anti-aging therapy helps to improve overall physical condition of the patients resulting in less tiredness, improvement of gait and posture, and work capacity. Mental capacities improve, leading to acceleration of decision making and restoration of the short-term memory; and emotional balance is acheived. Anti-aging treatment with fetal stem cells leads to marked cosmetic effects, such as skin color improvement, fewer wrinkles, skin lifting and sparkling eyes.

Usually, patients applying for anti-aging treatment can be divided into 3 groups:

1. "Absolutely healthy" patients. 
2. Patients with age-related diseases. 
3. Aging patients with serious and advanced diseases.

"Absolutely healthy" patients

During the work with "absolutely healthy" patients, we described three syndromes in which there is more good humor than science.

The "Blown Horse" Syndrome

These patients' work capacity and life quality sharply decreased due to stresses and work overload. This group usually includes company executives and top managers bearing high responsibility, making decisions, often flying abroad, working long hours in front of the computer, etc. 

The "Baked Apple" Syndrome

This group is usually comprised of slim and lean people with skinny and wrinkly face, who have high exercise capacity and often practice sports. However, if one takes close look at their face, one can see that "the air is lacking in the container", and there are more wrinkles than there could be. Within several months after the anti-aging course, the skin of these "baked apples" smoothens, their eyes sparkle, their gait becomes more confident, and they gain 1–2 kg which makes them just perfect. 

The "Burnt by the Sun" Syndrome

These patients look well, they are usually tanned and spend a lot of time recreating, but their psychological problems make them take care of their health and keep in shape. They often have psycho-asthenic and astheno-neurological manifestations, sometimes also alcohol or tobacco addiction. Their endorphin level is high, but subcortical centers of satisfaction require new and larger dose.

Anti-aging therapy of the "absolutely" healthy patients leads to pronounced results. The visible outer effects are achieved due to the inside effects, i.e. improved functioning of the organs. Within one week after the transplantation, patients experience less tiredness, normalization of sleep, better appetite, more positive emotions and improvement of mental processes. Some patients report improved perception of color, taste, and smell, as if everything feels more bright and fresh. Several patients report changes in painting manner and growing creativity.

Within a year after the fetal stem cell transplantation, these patients' work capacity increases by 50–300%, blood pressure lowers, and the heart rate normalizes. They report 20–70% higher testosterone, aldosterone, and thyroxin levels, lower cholesterol, LDL (low density lipoproteins) and VLDL (very low density lipoproteins) levels. Higher lymphocyte and T-lymphocyte counts and lower CD95 lymphocytes are observed, which demonstrates the immunocorrecting effect of fetal stem cell transplantation.

Patients with age-related diseases

This group comprises of patients with such disorders as ischemic heart disease, primary hypertension, diabetes mellitus, chronic bronchitis, excessive weight, arthritis and arthrosis, functional disorders of gastrointestinal tract, chronic virus hemic infections without pronounced clinical aggravation that are in compensation stage and can be easily corrected with minimal medication therapy. This group of patients consisted of elderly people we most often see in real life. 

Anti-aging treatment with fetal stem cells in this group of patients also results in marked positive effects. Within 3–6 months after the transplantation, the patients report decreased manifestations of diseases, such as less expressive and and more rare angina pectoris attacks, lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, normalization of the amount of C-peptide, disappearance of inflammatory manifestations and gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders. Life quality increases. Apart from decrease in disease symptoms, we observe very strong rejuvenation effect manifested in the appearance, physical activity and mental processes of the patients. 

Aging patients with serious and advanced diseases

The group consists of seniors with serious life-threatening diseases, such as tumors, degenerative diseases of the nervous system (ALS, Parkinson’s disease, etc.), autoimmune diseases, impaired hematopoiesis, and respiratory and cardio-vascular dysfunctions. 

After the anti-aging therapy with stem cells, the patients of this group report restoration of blood parameters, cell-mediated immunity, decrease in or disappearance of circulatory insufficiency symptoms, and respiration normalization. For many patients, this therapy allows to stay alive and avoid serious complications.

Anti-aging stem cell therapy is the most effective method of revitalization available now. Anti-aging effects of the stem cell treatment are far beyond the capacity of any other modern method. 


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